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Responsible production...

We manufacture the boards in a workshop in Brittany by the expert and delicate hands of our Bloomettes.

From the creation of the shape made with our digital milling machine, through the routing, sanding, polishing, the application of paint (with algae of course) for the patterns and the finishes with the installation of wedges. Everything is handmade ! 

... And without waste! 

The waste we produce such as sawdust or wood chips are used to heat the workshop with our stove.

For scrap wood following the cutting of the shape, these are reused to make the wedges, nothing is thrown away!


We also choose local, biosourced or biodegradable raw materials for cylinders and accessories. To learn more about this, you can go to the tab  the choice of our materials, we explain everything to you!

balance board bloom board

A balance
board brand
like no other

a delivery
as clean as possible

At Bloom Board, we try to be responsible by also thinking about the impact of our deliveries

Tailor-made packaging, with recycled cardboard, for each of our products to avoid oversized boxes in trucks.  We protect your products as well as possible, but always without plastic, with recycled kraft for tapes and packaging.  

For shipments, we work with Relais Colis and La Poste (colissimo) who are committed to the energy transition, in particular with the optimization of the filling rate of trucks, the massification of parcels, the decarbonization of urban logistics but also neutrality. carbon. And then they are French companies and we love that!

homme pratique balance board planche d'équilibre Bloom board

choose sports equipment with the least impact on the environment 

our engagement
for forests

As you will have understood, reducing our impact is part of our values, and to go further, we wanted to create a virtuous circle with wood, our main production component! 

This is why we work with Ecotree, they buy and maintain French forests and land to convert them into sustainable forests.


From 8 boards purchased on the site, we replant a spruce tree in a forest in Brittany, the Pleyben forest. Spruce being the variety we use to manufacture our boards.

compteur arbre.png


Planches beiges.png

8 boards purchased

Picto arbre

1 tree planted

Start of the counter in November 2021, already at 6 trees planted! 


because we like transparency towards our customers

We deliver 100% on the history of the company

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