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- From 1 to 12 years old - 

At Bloom Board we think of the whole family!
We have created 3 products suitable for children and toddlers!
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the kidboard-

 from 1 to 4 years old

One board is enough

The Kid board is suitable for toddlers! No need for rollers, the curved wedges integrated into the length allow gentle and secure movements so that baby discovers his first sliding sensations!


Width: 26.5cm

Length: 54cm

Height of wedges: 4cm

children's rollers -

up to 12 years old

Two sizes for suitable equipment

The children's rollers are completed with an Egg or Cruiser board. They allow young Bloomers to discover the sensations of swinging and balancing.

The plus?

We use the same board as mum and dad and that's classy!


Children's roller 4 cm  

Diameter: 4cm

Length: 40cm

Weight: 0.25kg  

Suitable for children under 5 years old

Children's roller 7 cm  

Diameter: 7cm

Length: 40cm

Weight: 0.65kg  

Suitable for children under 12 years old

Why develop a children's range?

The development of balance is a key stage in the acquisition of motor skills in children. It's the basis of all body movements: walking, sitting down, getting up… Strengthening it also means avoiding falls and learning to catch up.


By adapting Bloom Board products to children, we wanted to offer an alternative to parents by creating a product to gently introduce children to mobility and strengthen their proprioception.  


Using a balance board is an effective and fun way to support body/eye coordination and help children develop their stability and agility!

the advantages of the balance board

Strengthens muscle activity in a playful way

Regardless of their age, children need to tone up and develop their muscles. The balance board solicits muscle groups in depth and strengthens the capacity of stabilization. By bringing a playful dimension to it, the child naturally builds deep muscles without paying attention to it.

Develop the imagination

The fact of having little material necessary for the practice implies the imagination. The balance board will itself be the engine of imaginary scenes since it opens up new sensations for the child! To feel like a great rider is also to develop your self-confidence.

the young Bloomer is equipped!
And you ?

Find out which equipment is made for you! 

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