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Encadré titre - Nos composants

Raw materials without harm to the earth


Parce-que la nature nous offre ce dont nous avons besoin et que l'on souhaite prendre soin de toi et de la planète, chez Bloom Board, nous avons choisi d'utiliser des matières premières d'origine naturelle et des matières recyclées. 


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The accessories

Our hooks are made of spruce wood, we print our illustrations in an independent French printing company, our bags are made of recycled cotton and made  in a small workshop in Brittany

The boards are made of spruce wood from protected and sustainably managed forests

For the  rollerblades , 3 materials:  

  • wood

  • Recycled and compressed cardboard

  • Compressed cork


WE tell you everything about our components!

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These 3 spruce plies are made from wood from protected forests

The wooden shelves we use are made of 3 plies, 3 thicknesses. The central ply has the direction of the threads turned at 90° compared to the outer plies, which allows a better rigidity of the board and prevents the board from warping over time. 

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bois épicéa utilisé pour les balance boards bloom board

Wood yes, but by any! 

spruce wood for our boards


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Painting was a real topic for the Bloomettes!  

We wanted a natural material with a minimum of chemicals.  This is where we discovered seaweed paint!

Imagine our joy when, in addition, we discovered that she was Breton! 


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planche d'équilibre bloom board avec peinture à base d'algues

seaweed paint

Yes yes, and quality please! 


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cork for  rollers ...

100% eco -responsible  and biodegradable

At Bloom Board, we wanted a material that was entirely eco-responsible, biodegradable and light to transport.

No tree is cut down to make our rollerblades, the cork regenerates entirely on the tree after 9 to 10 years. It is therefore a renewable and sustainable natural resource.

Our producer is Portuguese and uses trees present on the coast of Portugal, which reduces kilometers and CO2 emissions.

Planche d'équilibre bloom board et roller en liège made in france


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...and recycled and compressed cardboard

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed

Because we are looking to find alternatives to our products, we also offer compressed cardboard rollers. Our partner, a French factory, recovers used cardboard to produce our cores. It is a recycled cardboard and compressed to the maximum to ensure rigidity and solidity! 

rollers et planches d'équilibre bloom board en carton recyclé

at  the work we put       for  offer you quality products, with quality!

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