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Bloom Board is above all a story of family and friends.  


So of course, the project was created by Lucile, but it's thanks to her family and friends that Bloom Board is what it is today!

Lucile, the designer

Lucile is an explosive cocktail of good humor, determination, rigor and (above all) madness. This worker knew how to make her mark in the world of events by traveling the planet but decided to change her path to entrepreneurship. Unearth of treasures with a big heart, she is also a self-taught follower of flea markets to find the future furniture to retype!  


Ambitious and gifted with her hands, it is only natural that she gives 200% to her business, driven by the conviction of being able to bring useful equipment to homes. Full of resources, her ideas flow for the future of Bloom Board.


Huge  support !


- Family - 

It is first of all thanks to his parents Régine and Patrick that this project saw the light of day.  Present from the start, they help him during production (sanding, painting and varnishing), take care of most of the orders and design new textile accessories (such as bags or ponchos).

- The friends - 

His relatives act as models, stylists, designers, actors, photographers, cameramen, editors, specifiers, salespeople, human resources managers, image consultants, social networks, advertising, public relations. People present on a daily or occasional basis in the management and development of Bloom Board.

Élise, the new recruit! 

For the past few months, Bloom Board has had a new member of its team on board, Elise, who is an integral part of the company, she is notably in charge of communication.

But it is above all the pair of Lucile!

Elise is the explosive mix of creativity, energy, positivity! With always this desire  of  shake things up at Bloom Board and allow this project to grow into the stratosphere!  

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Our Bloomers and Bloomers 

 Beyond being simple customers, they are those who believed in this project and who continue to believe in it.

Marion (our first client), Pauline, Victoire, Carole, Nicolas, Laurene, Cécile, Lisa, Marine, Camille, Françoise, Céline, Joris, Franck, Stéphanie, Paul, Hugo, Mathilde, Antonin, Sandrine, Pauline, Antoine, Rémi , Élodie, Marion, Laëtitia, Julien, Thierry, Marcy, Gregoire, Marie, Alice, Hugues, Maximilien, Marine, Hugo, Pauline, Jonathan, Robin, Victor, Julie, Bertrand, Fanfan, Capucine, Flora, Natacha, Thomas, François , Titouan, Anna, Julien, Marie, Rachel, Théo, Mélanie, Marion, Mélanie, Lucas, Lily, Manon, Guillaume, Stéphane, Carine, Bénédicte, Marion, Christophe, Éléa, Barbara, Laura, Rythéa, Nathalie, Richard, Xavier , Rosalie, Etienne, Dominique, Lazare, Joaquin, Lorraine, Xavier, Anne-Sophie, Aloexander, Laurence, Charlotte, Delphine, Clément, Margot, Marie, Maxime, Catherine, Léna, Leila, Julie, Régine, Laurent, Nolwen, Dominique , Sophie, Magali, Isabelle, Noémie, Laurent, Malo, Ronan, Léo, Camille, Guillaume, Marie, Lisa, Axel, Marie, Pauline, Claire, Elea, Regis, Hortense, D Ominique, Katia, Jeanne, Patrick, Elodie, Anne-Sophie, Frederyc, Lila, Marie, Damien, Boris, Marie, Julien, Roxane, Manon, Ludivine, Alice, Aurélie, Stéphane, Mathilde, Chloé, Patricia, Maëlle, Capucine, Sarah, Marie-Camille, Mathieu, Jérôme, Nadège, Aurore, Charlène, Laurine, Solenn, Coralie, Gilles, Wendy, Emmanuelle, Sarah, Isabelle, Sarah, Etienne, Dahiana, Samia, Florence, Dominique, Samon, Neige, Matthieu, Emmanuelle, Martin, Albane, Anne-Charlotte, Julien, Jean-Charles, Andréa, Frederic, Axel, Bénédicte, Sophie, Titouan, Sébastien, Zoé, Florian, Anaïs, Nicolas, Aurélie, Philippe, Elsa, Elodie, Ghislaine, Philippe, Marie, Arnaud, Xavier, Tristan, Clémence, Raphaël, Sébastien, Anne-Charlotte, Sylvie, Mélanie, Adèle, Ramuntxo, Sabrina, Nicolas, Nicole, Elsa, Jessica, Carole, Klervi, Delphine, Catherine, Freddy, Cédric, Rebecca, Claire, Julie, Stessie, Françoise, Isabelle, Laëtitia, Nathalie, Stéphane, Auguste, and Margot.



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