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a price increase?

Since last summer we have been faced with a considerable increase in the cost of raw materials: +37% in wood, +%28% for cardboard, +32% for cork.


Initially we absorbed these increases, not wishing to influence the prices of Bloom Board products in the face of this increase. Hoping that in a few months things will be back to normal.

Unfortunately, since the start of the year, the prices of the materials we use have not changed. We are faced with an observation if we want to continue to offer you quality products, to continue to operate Bloom Board, we are obliged to slightly increase the prices of certain products to compensate for the shortfall.

But because at Bloom Board we always want to give the best to our Bloomers, we are working hard to find another solution.

(other choice of wood, other raw materials, other production, upcycling).

We are currently working on other projects to allow everyone to be able to buy a balance board and we hope to come back to you with other ranges of boards using other raw materials.  

This price change will be applied from February 8, allowing you to purchase boards and accessories at the current price by this date.  

thanks for understanding

The Bloomettes team

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