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L'initiation au surf grâce à une balance board - bloom board



Bloom Board, balance board, picto bloom board


Which strengthens the deep muscles...

Using a balance board allows the solicitation of the deep muscles which play a major role in the stability of our joints and our spine. Concretely, staying balanced on an unstable surface solicits the trunk, i.e. the entire abdominal belt, the spinal (lumbar) muscles, the internal thigh muscles and the glutes. By practicing on your Bloom, you call on the stabilizing muscles essential to our daily balance and traditionally little used: this is what allows us to work on proprioreception.

The work of balance and  proprioception  increases the ability to generate the right response of the body to a stimulus as soon as possible: by exercising, the body gains in reactivity and stability. The body generates a motor command to position us in space according to the information transmitted by the nerve endings present in the muscles!

... and which allows you to work on your tricks! 

If you are already familiar with balance through your practice of sliding sports such as surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, snow and others, know that the balance board also allows you to work on your tricks and your support!  

Its characteristics close to sliding sports equipment will help you find your points of balance essential to the realization of certain figures by taking less risks. Less obvious than it seems, it can really help you improve and strengthen your muscles used during your receptions in particular. The current Bloomeurs agree: it is an essential additional equipment!


Most ? No specific climatic conditions necessary for its practice!

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bloomboard -Trick2.png
bloomboard -Trick 1.png

Do you want to train? 

bloomboard - tricks 4.png

and on the medical side?


- Approved by healthcare professionals -

bloomboard -kiné.png

The words of the physio

Used for many years in the field of physiotherapy, the balance board has nothing to prove for its qualities of gentle rehabilitation, especially in the work of proprioreoception*! But how does it work ?

*Proprioception is the unconscious stabilization of the joints.

Why work on your balance with a  balance board  ?

  • Improves mobility

  • Allows for better body awareness  

  • work on proprioception

  • Involves the visual and vestibular (inner ear) systems

  • Strengthens muscles and joints

  • Prevent falls and injuries

Which muscles are used?

  • Abdominal strap

  • Lumbar muscles

  • Glutes

  • pelvic floor

  • Spinal erectors and stabilizers

  • abductors  

  • Quadriceps 

The opinion of the midwife

The use of the Balance Board allows the reinforcement of the muscles of the perineum. Toned perineal muscles prevent urinary leakage, enhance sexual pleasure, but also prevent organ descent! It is necessary to strengthen this part of the body, especially after childbirth because during pregnancy the tissues of the perineum may have stretched, they must be reinvigorated.

Why strengthen your perineum with Libra  board   ?

  • Re-toning the tissues of the perineum after childbirth

  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles weakened by the weight of the uterus (fetus)

  • Tone abdominal and perineal muscles distended with pregnancy

  • Relearn how to contract your perineum to avoid leaks during abdominal contractions acting under pressure (sneezing, laughing, coughing, etc.)

5 to 10 minutes of gentle daily practice and the key is a new perineum!

bloomboard - sage femme.png



The top of the body

  • Push-ups, hands or feet on the Bloom 

The instability will intensify the exercise, the muscles will work more.

  • Sheathing (feet or hands)

The instability will intensify the sheathing and increase the difficulty!

lower body

  • Squats

The weight of the body being on a pendulum, the muscles of the thighs and glutes will heat up more quickly.

  • The slots

By resting the weight of the body on a limb which is moreover on an unstable surface, the lunge is the exercise accessible to all to discover the Bloom in Fitness

The perineum

  • Classic balance in intense sheathing

The sheathing associated with the pendulum will strengthen the abdominal and perineal areas

  • Cross-legged pendulum

Same as for the classic pendulum

  • Gentle fitness exercises

Squats, push-ups, planks... series of 20 seconds for gentle rehabilitation! 

your body will tell you
thank you

Coeur - un corps tonic

A body  tonic

Pied - des articulations souples et solides

Flexible and strong joints

des muscles en profondeur

Muscles deep

Bloom board - balance board

Gentle rehabilitation at your own pace

In addition to designing products that are good for the body, we make products that are good for the planet!

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