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      It all started during a trip to Morocco, in a small village by the sea.

Beyond the beauty of the place, I went there to do a yoga and surfing retreat.


Within the surf house, a wooden plank was placed on a log, an object which was still unknown to me, on which the surfers chained the tricks with ease!  

Curious, I took my courage in both hands and tried to get on this famous board but it was a failure!

I found myself with all four irons in the air on the ground in barely 4 seconds!


Determined, I swallowed my pride, got up and tried to get on the board again, with the help of someone to understand the pendulum mechanics and avoid another fall.


Back in France I tried to get one, but I made two observations: exorbitant prices or brands on the other side of the world and not necessarily clean. Already in an eco-thinking buying process, I preferred the option “I'll do it myself”.  


It was at this moment that the adventure began.

La baie d'imsouane au maroc par Bloom baord
surf et planche d'équilibre à Imsouane au maroc
surf à Imsouane au Maroc

The adventure begin !

An encouraging environment

Bloom Board's story is also (and above all) the story of friends and family who believed in her and who were the first followers and buyers of her boards.


At first, it must be admitted that they were not very successful and which today follow a well-honed manufacturing process with hand-made production and entirely designed in eco-responsible materials! 

couple au sunset avec des planches d'équilibre bloom board .jpg
homme fait des figures de skate et surf avec sa balance board planche d'équilibre bloom board

an equipment
that makes sense


Don't have time to go surfing, kitesurfing, skateboarding, snowboarding? Do you not live near a spot where this is possible?

You can still train with a balance board!

The  balance board is having  the sensations of gliding and balance. Allow the deep muscles of the legs and upper body to be used to stabilize your body, continue to work and strengthen yourself in the practice of your favorite sport. And this, regardless of the weather conditions, anywhere, anytime! 

And concretely?

- The key stages of evolution -

February 2020 

Travel to a small village in Morocco and discovery of the Balance Board

March 2020 

First balance board made with a professional carpenter

April 2020

First balance board order from a friend of Lucile, the beginning

May - June 2020 

20 orders for friend boards made!

June 12, 2020 

Lucile celebrates her 30th birthday and launches the Bloom Board Instagram account to see if the project can take off.

July - August 2020 

Twenty orders placed by friends of friends and strangers.  

No more doubts, Bloom Board can see the light of day.

New objective: to make the project more professional (production, suppliers, company, website, etc.)

August 2020 

Antonin Rangin, emeritus kiteboarder and pro trusts him, participates in the filming of his launch advertisement, and integrates the Bloom Board boards into his kitesurfing school in Aytré, near La Rochelle (CKS).

November 11, 2020 

4 months later official launch of the Bloom Board brand with the opening of the website . The project was launched!

May - June 2021 

Arrival in several shops in France: Lunaria in Nantes, the first to have believed in Bloom Board, Pioka Eco Surf Culture at Fort Bloqué, L'Entourage Bistrot Shop in La Rochelle and the Atlantic Wake Park shop in l'Aiguillon sur Wed.

August - December 2021

Arrival in other shops: Manusurf Ocean Store in Longeville sur Mer, next to the legendary Bud Bud spot, Squid Surfboards in Brétignolles sur Mer, The Ridery in Paris and Zéphyr in Saint Malo.

November 2021 

First Pop Up Store in the Marais

November 11, 2021

1 year of Bloom Board, more than 200 boards sold.  

Launch of a crowdfunding campaign to allow Bloom Board to reach more people.

December 2021

Arrival of Elise, the first Bloom Board employee in the Bloom Family! 

March 2022 

Launch of several projects:  

- The new website

- The kid board

- The Bloom Board Youtube channel

November 2024

Bloom Board products are now present everywhere in France thanks to our partner shops

and the Bloom Board manufacturing workshop was inaugurated!


Shop your gear now to join the Bloom Family and tag us on #bloomboard

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